Have you heard the saying: It’s simplicity at its best! I was always intrigued by why there is so much power and beauty in simplicity. Now I know. Simplicity is an art and a core value. The more you let go of attachments, distractions, and possessions of the external world, the more you realise how rich your inner world is. The process to simplify your life it’s not so easy. You are right! Nevertheless it becomes easier the moment you identify your values and beliefs and shine the line of awareness on who you really are at a deeper level, which is consciousness, awareness, and energy.

Growing up, most of us were encouraged to dream about having a big house, a beautiful car and potentially to travel the world. In other words to accumulate material possessions. We were encouraged to do well in school so we can achieve a secure and abundant life. We took the advice of our elders to heart and began piling up on material possessions Hint: see if you can notice a few items around you that you have more than 3 of the same thing. Whilst the intention was good the belief that formed in our childhood was that the more things we own the more important and valuable we are. More precisely we are not enough just the way we are unless we identify with our material possessions.

The process of simplicity begins the moment you tune in to your heart and become aware of who you are and the higher power that’s within you, without holding on to hundreds of material things. Simplicity involves letting go without feeling like there is an emptiness that needs to be filled up by another material thing or person. But how can we let go when we’ve been told that the more we have the more appreciated and respected we are?

"A way to begin is to ask yourself a few powerful questions.

Am I gathering things from a place of not feeling good enough?

Am I focusing all my attention on my external world?

Do I value my external world more than my inner world?

How do I feel when I know that I own less?

Do all my possessions define who I am on a Soul level?

Letting go doesn’t mean living like a beggar. It means choosing on who or what you are focusing your attention, time, and energy. Sooner or later the many possessions will exhaust your attention, time, and energy. All items have a Soul and a Spirit. If you are buying them for the sake of having one more extra thing but not giving it your full attention, then you might as well let it go. How many things have you got stuck in your cupboards that you have completely forgotten about?

According to Leonardo Da Vinci “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. This quote perfectly untangles the understanding of life. Simple can be harder to achieve than complex.

We created a story in our mind and made ourselves believe that only by having millions of things we will be happy. Holding on to things that have no meaning to us but simultaneously draining our energy is pointless. We keep ourselves stuck when we can’t let go of things and people.

Would we feel more balanced and peaceful if we would own less things? 100%. Why? Because we would have more time and energy to focus on what matters the most to us. Which is our internal world. The less we own, the less things we have to take care of.

Just think for yourself: what are 3 things that you are ready to let go now?

Article by Corina Pall

Corina is a meditation coach and deep transformational coach who is passionate about teaching people how to be present in the here and now. With her meditations you will learn how to dive deeper into the essence of your soul, connect to your true self and feel in alignment with your heart’s desire. Corina has been serving others over 7 years through coaching, guided meditations and energy healing.