Anna Zimmerman
Written on June 8, 2023


In the world we are living in, breaking down the construct and structures of society has become an important part of personal development and living out our highest potential.

And it doesn’t end by just looking at the self.

As more and more people enter entrepreneurship with the goal of creating a positive impact while enjoying freedom, we have to do the same when building our businesses. This is necessary if we want to create a fulfilling entrepreneurial experience that aligns with our values.


Entrepreneurial culture redefined

Although it’s been a while, the pandemic was a real game-changer in how we ‘work’. Not only did a lot of people lose their jobs during the pandemic, many people had to shift how they work or completely reinvent themselves to survive. Others realized that their known work environment was quite draining.

In general, a crisis usually leads to a change, a transformation. We question our old status quo and reinvent ourselves. When our environment and circumstances change so drastically, our old measurements and definitions of success may no longer apply. Those definitions must adapt to the new circumstances as well as we do.

So, many have been people rethinking their goals and aspirations in life. What was once your highest priority might now be totally off your radar. Certainly, all the happenings in the last time have shaped us and changed us in many ways. For many, this was an eye-opening moment. Sometimes we need to see our old reality crumbling to truly understand what is important to us. 

This is where personal drivers come into play! 

If we don’t understand what drives us and what makes us happy, a moment of drastic change and transformation might be really difficult and challenging for us. Being clear on our core values and drivers will make us more resilient. It will give us the clarity to navigate the recreation of our own new reality and life.


The ‘blind spots’ when building your own business

When we build our own Businesses we tend to just recreate a copy of the 9-5 job we wanted to escape. We stick to the rules and restrictions it came with – just because we didn’t learn any different. This is why creating your own Business is a re-learning and deconditioning of what we think we are supposed to do.

Often, a blind spot for most new entrepreneurs is actually following rules. Because many just don’t exactly know and understand what works best for them (yet).

In my opinion, there are 2 ways to tackle this:

  1. Trial and Error: Through experience, you might find out what doesn’t really work for you. The key here is to reflect on how and what you are doing. What fills you up? What sucks your energy? How could you change things, to make them more pleasurable? What do you need to outsource or do radically differently so it works for you?
  2. Finding a reference point: Using systems that help you refer to and reflect on yourself, and setting up structures in your own business that really work for YOU – and not the other way around. I found Human Design to be extremely helpful to understand your own constitution because it is very tangible, but I also really appreciate Astrology or even different Archetypes to reflect on yourself and make conclusions from that.


Identifying your ‘Personal Drivers’ & deconstructing Success

Being an entrepreneur, and especially a solopreneur, can require a high level of motivation to start and navigate your own business. If we look at the term ‘motivation’ we understand that it usually describes an internal or external desire to achieve something in your life, to feel a certain way in your life, and to live a lifestyle you are desiring.

A Personal Driver is the kind of motivation that comes from within. Something that pulls you and allows you to get up every day and feel passionate about what you do. Personal Drivers are key if you want to create a Business that is actually going to serve you and is really going to allow you to be fulfilled. Everything you do or create should be in balance with those drivers and they should help you bring more of their essence into your life.

To do this, you need to deconstruct what success means for you and break it down into your Personal Drivers. This way you can raise motivation and inspiration from them. You can get started by breaking down your life into different areas and journaling out how you want to feel and what you want to create and experience in those different areas. I always suggest people to focus on areas like:

  1. Lifestyle Desires

    (home, space, style, possessions, fashion, travel, gifts, sustainability)

  1. Health & Wellness Desires

    (healing, fitness, food, rest & relaxation, mental health, sensuality.movement)

  1. Learning & Self-Expression Desires

    (interests, education, hobbies, artistic expression, creativity)

  1. Relationship Desires

    (romance, partnership, friendship, family, community)

  1. Spirituality & Self-Development Desires

    (soul, inner self, truth, Intuition, faith, practices)

  1. Impact & Business Desires

    (finances, donations, savings, collaboration, community, causes)

You really have to tap into an intuitive space to do that and let go of fears, doubts and shame. Because if you want to build something that is truly reflecting your drivers and desires you have to get clear on them without hiding anything because you think it is not legit. Doing this will almost feel like some sort of therapy.


Deconstructing success and deconditioning yourself from what society tells us it has to look like is so essential for creating a business that is truly serving YOU.

– What does success mean to you personally?

– What really gives you a feeling of excitement and gratification?

– What does success mean to you professionally?

– What are your aspirations and what would you like to achieve professionally?

Reflecting on these things will help you to become more aware of what motivates you, which in turn will help you to understand your own definition of success. This again will help you to design a business that integrates all of your needs and desires.


Important tools for entrepreneurs

I would say Financial Tracking and creating a Financial Projection for you personally but also for your Business is essential. Knowing why you want a specific amount of money and what you want it for, will increase your desire to create it. If you don’t track your finances yet, start with it. In that way, you get a sense of what you are actually spending your money on.

Once you have a basis that you can look at, you can start to think about what your dreams are going to cost you. What would you like to save for every month, etc.? Then you can go ahead and write out:

– What are your fixed costs and your basic needs every month?

– What are your business expenses? (If you don’t have a business yet and want to create one, estimate it)

– How much do you need to save or budget so you can realize your dreams?

– What are your desires and how can you translate them into finances?


It comes down to the fact that even freedom is possible to quantify. For example: If you want to travel for three months a year and take time off from work, you can quantify this scenario and see how much money you need for it and then put it in your monthly budget. In this way, you can really create a desire-based revenue goal that you can start to work towards.

Another tool is creating a Vision. I totally believe in the power of a vision and work with it almost every month. Of course, I have a bigger vision that is guiding me but it helps me so much to stay clear and focused on a regular basis. So I break down my vision into what I want to create by the end of the month and then see what I can do to get there. This has really shifted my perception of what I can achieve and helped me to skyrocket the results I achieve within my business. Breaking down my vision into smaller actionable steps was ultimately also what was guiding me when I started to take my business more seriously and started to uplevel. In my free Vision Roadmap guide I help you create your biz vision so that you can navigate through your business with more clarity and focus too.

My magic ingredients to a successful biz: Intuition & Strategy

Becoming an Entrepreneur is an exploration, and it took me a while to align my passion, purpose and strengths and crystallize it into the Business that I lead today. The one thing that was always guiding me on this journey was the intention to let my Intuition rule. Fast forward – this is what became my ultimate calling and mission: normalizing Intuition as a business tool and combining it with some grounded Strategies that we all need so we can actually let our intuition play.

If you feel drawn to the way I work and are seeking individual support, you can connect with me through my various Guidance formats. From customized 1:1 mentorship to smaller workshops and courses, my offers are a unique blend of Intuition and Strategy that allow you to uplevel while honoring your own energetic workflow and build a business that truly feels in alignment with your gifts and strengths. Check out my free workbook: 7 Steps to create your Biz Vision to experience how I could support you on your biz journey.

PS: I’ll be hosting my first retreat for intuitive entrepreneurs at the end of this year. Together, we’ll close off the year to reflect + envision our intentions and dreams for the year ahead. With a special focus on well-being and togetherness, this retreat will empower you with a clear vision for your Biz & Life in 2024. Find all the retreat info here.


Written by Anna Zimmerman
Anna started as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher & full-on Wellbeing Enthusiast and turned into a Holistic Business Coach & intuitive Entrepreneur. Once she immersed herself in the world of wellbeing, Anna realized that she loved to help people get their holistic practices off the ground and make them a real Business. As a result she created her own signature method combining Intuition and Strategy to allow soulpreneurs to create a Business while honouring their own energetic-workflow.