Corina Pall
Written on May 4, 2022


Fear is an energy, an emotion, a habit, a pattern. The more you feed this energy the more it will grow, expand, and take over your life. Don’t worry, there is nothing wrong with you. Every person that I run into has some sort of fear stuck within their subtle body (the place where emotions are stored). It only shows that we are humans and fear is the most common emotion we have come here on Earth to experience. Not on purpose, let’s be serious!

When fear is calling for your attention, just be with whatever arises at that moment. Perhaps ask yourself the question:

What am I afraid of?
What brings me fear?

The process of avoidance escalates your fears.

Open your mind.
Open your heart.

Expand your capacity to go a little further than before and step into the unknown.

Do you remember when people told you to feel the fear and do it anyway? Fear is a part of the growing up and learning process. We can choose to remain in comfortable situations only to avoid fear, but what good does it do to us?

We hold on to fear out of habit. Oftentimes, we don’t know who we are without the fear. Despite that, fear doesn’t define who we are at our core. Trust and inner strength instead, paint a much more beautiful picture about us.

Most of us want life to be easy. Overall, life is easy until we start complicating it. We aim for comfort and security. We dislike fear, pain, and suffering. It’s too much!

When you experience fear next time don’t push it away, don’t resist it. Be with it and ask it what does it want from you? Fear is your soul’s calling to go beyond it. To detach yourself from how things should be, how you should be which implicitly limits you to a life that doesn’t fulfill your heart’s desire.

Fear keeps us stuck in a world where we are afraid to explore and try new things.
Embrace your fear and don’t forget to laugh, have fun, and bring humor into your life! Fear doesn’t like all these things.

Written by Corina Pall
Corina is a meditation coach and deep transformational coach who is passionate about teaching people how to be present in the here and now. With her meditations you will learn how to dive deeper into the essence of your soul, connect to your true self and feel in alignment with your heart's desire. Corina has been serving others over 7 years through coaching, guided meditations and energy healing.