Whitney Telgt
Written on April 21, 2021


You know it well. You meet someone and they ask you how things are going, and before you know it you say: “Well, and with you?” Why should we tell them that we are not doing well? It seems like we always have to be doing well, but whose fault is that?

When a child falls down, it is often said: “Nothing is wrong, don’t cry!” But if I am in pain, I can just show it, can’t I? We are all very good at hiding feelings or laughing them off. But it is time that feeling “awful” is also seen as normal. When we are happy we show it, and so should all other feelings.

We have to do so much these days, at work, for our loved ones, for society, and also for ourselves! Therefore, there is no time to feel “not okay” because we have to keep going. We see many people around us, especially on social media, who look happy. And who knows, maybe they are, but maybe not. If I break my leg, everyone will see on the outside that I am in pain, but if I am not feeling well and walk around with a smile on my face, no one will see that.

For example, if you can’t get out of bed and need a Netflix day with snacks, please do! Better next day!

It’s okay not to be okay, just try not to get stuck in it.

Ask for help, talk about it or do something that makes you feel better. But don’t see it as something negative. Your mind and body will tell you at that moment that it is good to recharge your battery. 

And don’t get me wrong, feeling good (physically and mentally) is very important, and if only we could do that every day. But you are also human and your feelings are allowed, whatever they may be! See yourself as a balloon and all your emotions are air, don’t try to pop the balloon but let some air out now and then. You can do this in any way that works for YOU!

But without rain we don’t have a rainbow either, so we need these “shitty moments” too. Be nice to yourself, because you are worth it!

Written by Whitney Telgt
Whitney Telgt has a bachelor in applied psychology. She is also specialized in wedding ceremonies. And is currently a trainer in self-love as well as an independent stylist. She has an interest in the broad meaning of self-love and personal growth.