Samanta Vaivade
Written on June 18, 2021


Self-care is also about trusting the process, asking for support and allowing yourself to feel frustrated sometimes.
Most of the time we think of self-care as giving ourselves time for that warm bubble bath, face masks, chocolate fudge and all those glorious treats to feel like we can finally stop and enjoy ourselves. In a world where everything is so commercial, where our exhaustion and own relentless internal pressure is something that can be solved by others’ services and products, we fail to notice what true self-care really means. Self-care is often not so glamorous and charming. It is a challenging process that requires you to fully discover yourself. So don’t be scared to come undone. It’s okay to feel raw and confused. Focus on your feelings, tune with your own senses.
Self-care is trusting this process. It’s allowing yourself to feel this messiness, the frustration within you. Sense your openness and allow this process to lead you where you are meant to be. Trust it. And don’t hold your feelings back. Remember that the times when you feel like having the least control are the ones that help you to find your own voice. And finally, realize that you don’t have to always be the fixer and that you are allowed to ask for support. True self-care will be uncomfortable, it requires more than simple beauty and glow treats. But taking up that space for yourself and choosing to build a life where you don’t feel like being blocked from your own feelings is necessary.
Written by Samanta Vaivade