Paula Molina Montes de Oca
Written on September 27, 2021


Dare to dream, to listen to your intuition, dare to choose what makes you happy instead of pleasing the ones around you. Dare to take risks, and to realize that we are all spiritual and divine beings put on this earth to follow our true paths. Dare to change your beliefs and the way you see the world. What are your limited beliefs, where do they come from and how can you change them? How would changing them impact your life and consciousness?
“The subconscious is one of the most important parts of your brain.
It helps function so we don’t have to think about every single thing we do like walking, breathing or even blinking. This also goes for your thoughts. It was found that the average person has about 12.000 to 60.000 thoughts per day. Imagine how insane it would be if we would be conscious of every single one of them.
This is what also happens with our mindset. This society has taught us certain things that have become a part of our belief system, unfortunately a big part of these beliefs are negative. This can be a major source of stress and tension without even knowing. That’s why I’m so big on changing my mindset. And it all starts with the subconscious mind.
If I want to go to bed but I’m feeling restless I recommend putting on “healing music”. It’s high frequency music that puts out vibrations that connect with certain parts of the brain. It stimulates relaxation, happiness, mental performance, sleep etc. it depends on which frequency you’re listening to. You can’t actually hear them but it’s working subconsciously. All of this has been scientifically proven. I like it so much that I put it on every night, while I also focus on my breathing. It helps with relaxing and going to sleep in a relaxed state, which is also important for your subconscious.
“Affirmations – repeating positive matras
  • Actively correct your negative thoughts
  • Impose mindfulness, this helps your subconscious from thinking too much
  • Keep a journal to collect your thoughts
  • Start to read more. Gain more knowledge about your subconscious
  • Meditate to calm your mind. This keeps you from your negative thoughts
  • Listen to high frequency music, it helps to calm your inner self
All of these helped me change my subconscious from thinking too much.
Written by Paula Molina Montes de Oca
Paula Molina is a content creator on a spiritual journey. She has experience in Marketing and PR but is currently working as a professional make-up artist. She believes that focusing on the influence of attentiveness, meditation, and other claims will help to improve the mind's state. Every day she blesses her audience with some morning motivation. Paula is on a spiritual journey and is taking us with her.