Kailyn Lynch
Written on October 18, 2021


When you think of success what comes up for you? Does a plush home come to mind? A particular salary or job title? A number of Instagram followers? Success is often defined as the fact of getting or achieving wealth, respect, or fame. To attain a certain level of status and tangible objects.
If this global pandemic has not taught us anything else, it has broadened our awareness that most circumstances in life are far beyond our control. That may feel scary for some, but rest assured that reassessing your ideas and beliefs around success will gift you the opportunity to align with a definition that is in harmony with your highest self.
“Begin grounding your ideas around success from a place of curiosity”
Getting Back To The Basics
Many people struggle with understanding what paths are right for them all the while the answer is often right with us. Take time to think about the activities, conversations, and experiences that bring you the most joy. Explore and record the commonalities amongst them. Establishing a commitment to your joy allows you to root your definition of success from a genuine space. Instead of setting goals around a specific amount of monetary income, a certain due date, or social status, begin grounding your ideas around success from a place of curiosity.
Shifting perspective
The realities of our responsibilities and weight of our individual pressure often quiets the childlike excitement within us. Even if in just a moment of exploring, step into a mindset of abundance. When you operate from a perspective that goodness is available to you, regardless of your circumstances, you open yourself to imagine freely. What would your life look like if the energy towards maintaining a scarcity mindset was transmuted into readying for your calling?
“Take time to think about what brings you the most joy in life”
Reflection Unlearning and cultivating new beliefs around success allows the opportunity to aim towards work, people, spaces and experiences that are in unison with who you truly are. I encourage you to follow and reflect on these questions:
  • What does my best life feel like?
  • Does my current path reflect how I want to feel on a consistent basis?
  • What do the specific markers of success mean to me personally? Do they actually reflect how I define success?
  • Does my definition of success bring anxiety or excitement?
  • Am I too rigid with how I want my life to be? How can I be more open and flexible to the fluidity of my life?
  • What is more important to me — impact or praise? Examine why.
  • Does my current practices towards my goals feel like a pursuit or a flow?
Written by Kailyn Lynch
Kailyn Lynch has a Master’s degree from the New York University in Applied Psychology and now works as a Researcher for a woman-owned research firm and as a freelance creative producer. Forming Redefining Our has allowed her the opportunity to fuse her passion for mental health, womanhood and community. With her interests in personal development, women empowerment and the creative work field she has managed to build her experiences even broader.