Suzanne van Heerde
Written on February 2, 2022


A new year is upon us and this is going to be the month of making quick decisions and standing your ground. You’ve been working hard to get up to this moment, you know what you want and you’re about to make things happen. If you’re reading this, see this as a sign that you are right where you’re supposed to be, take a brief moment to rationalize your thoughts.

What makes me feel powerful and in control? Which big or small decisions can I make to move my progress forward? Which emotions are getting in my way of rational thinking?
The King of Swords stands for authority, power, and decision-making. Be aware that your emotions don’t get in the way of making a rational choice. You might need to make decisions for others too, don’t be afraid, you’re the right person to do so.
Written by Suzanne van Heerde
Suzanne is a social media consultant and a digital culture specialist. She is intrigued by the growth of astrology and the unprecedented times in which we now find ourselves. Her past work demonstrates a lively energy as well as creative thinking. She has worked for brands such as The Row, & Other Stories and Harper’s Bazaar. Currently she is a study program coach and education coordinator at Academie Artemis.