Suzanne van Heerde
Written on March 2, 2022


This month is going to focus on finding balance in spirituality. You seek a form of guidance, one that is both known and unknown. Life isn’t just about achieving certain goals and being able to prove yourself to others. You need to find a sense of peace within yourself. Try to center yourself and meditate on these questions:


What truly gives me a blissful feeling?
Which day-to-day activities leave me feeling drained?
What do I need to do to feel more centered at the end of a hectic day?

The High Priestess is a Major Arcana card that exudes stillness and peace. Now is not a time to talk, but to feel. She’s here to remind you that you need to stay calm amidst the hectic things around you. This month, try to say less and feel more.

Written by Suzanne van Heerde
Suzanne is a social media consultant and a digital culture specialist. She is intrigued by the growth of astrology and the unprecedented times in which we now find ourselves. Her past work demonstrates a lively energy as well as creative thinking. She has worked for brands such as The Row, & Other Stories and Harper’s Bazaar. Currently she is a study program coach and education coordinator at Academie Artemis.