TEN Women
Written on August 23, 2023

TEN Stays: Ibiza Campo

Ibiza Campo: Where architecture and nature embrace

Nestled in the heart of Ibiza’s enchanting Morna Valley, the exquisite Ibiza Campo emerges as a captivating sanctuary that beautifully intertwines architecture with nature. This carefully crafted finca offers a beautiful getaway for those wanting a peaceful escape in the central northern part of the island.

Ibiza Campo is perfectly situated, making it easy to reach some of the finest island’s restaurants like La Paloma and central to the most beautiful beaches like Cala Benirràs, Cala Xaraca and S’illot. The journey to this stay sets the scene for the magic that’s inside; as you navigate the winding path, you’re embraced by a calm feeling, and when you arrive, you’re greeted with total privacy and stunning views.

Central to the beautiful estate is a private pool that serves as the perfect place to cool down. It creates an atmosphere of both relaxation and revival, inviting guests to soak up the sun while the noise of the world fades away.

Ibiza Campo is more than just a place to stay; it’s an experience. It’s where impressive architecture meets the untouched beauty of the island. This retreat encourages you to enjoy life’s simple pleasures—the sound of leaves rustling, the gentle touch of the breeze, and connectedness.

Written by TEN Women