TEN Women
Written on July 4, 2024

Meet our TEN team

Ever wondered who help Nathalie and Luca make TEN flourish? With the TEN community blossoming, our team has grown alongside it. The events you love, the content you see in our socials – it all comes together thanks to our dedicated team working behind the scenes. Today, we’re putting the spotlight on the women who contributes to making TEN the thoughtful community it is.

Karolina Wereszczynska

Bringing in a diverse educational and professional background alongside deep drive for running efficient projects Karolina is a linguist turn communication specialist who oversees our events partnerships and operations. From the planning of our events all through coordinating the background operations of our business she makes sure all is well-coordinated and the experiences of our members pleasant and unforgettable. She’s an excellent communicator and she keeps in touch with our speakers, hosts, and locations. You can often spot her with a notebook by her side. She probably knows all about our upcoming events but we can’t promise she’d reveal the surprises just yet.

Laís Morais

With an international background and a passion for cultures and travel, Laís brings her expertise in Strategic Communication to our team. Whether it’s the newsletter you read, the photos you see on social media, or the messages you receive, she’s the creative force behind them. Laís ensures our events and projects run smoothly alongside Karolina. You’ve probably spotted her at our events, holding a tiny microphone and engaging our members. Got a question? Laís is your go-to person. You can contact her at After six months together, her time at TEN is almost over and she will soon be looking for new challenges.


Maitane Zárate

With a life-long passion for creative writing and storytelling, Maitane guides the direction and vision behind TEN’s socials. When she’s not scrolling for inspiration or crafting content strategies, she’s diving into the data. With nearly a decade of Content Marketing experience, her approach as a Social Strategist is to uncover the unique stories and connection points that help community-first brands build stronger, more meaningful connections with their audience. Reach out to her at

Petra Oros

From Architecture school to working in fashion, interior design, and social media, Petra’s journey is driven by her love for aesthetics. As our graphic design and social media intern, she works closely with Maitane and Nathalie, creating reels, graphics, small illustrations, invites, and more. You can catch her creative touch on our IG feed and stories.

Written by TEN Women